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Gibraltar Monkeys

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The Gibraltar Barbary macaque, also known as the Gibraltar Barbary ape, is a species of macaque native to North Africa and the only wild monkey population in Europe, found on the Rock of Gibraltar. These playful and curious primates are a major Gibraltar attraction for tourists and cruise passengers visiting Gibraltar, and they have become a symbol of the Gibratarian region.

The Gibraltar Barbary macaques on the Rock of Gibraltar are thought to have been introduced to the area by the Moors in the 8th century. In 1942 the population of apes fell to only 7, but a legendary story claims that the British Prime Minister, at the time Sir Winston Churchill, believed that as long as the Gibraltar Barbary Macaque Apes lived on the Rock of Gibraltar this territory would remain under British sovereignty. So he ordered for a replenishment of Apes to repopulate the species.

They have since become a popular Gibraltar tourist attraction, and their numbers have grown steadily over the years. Today, there are approximately 300 Gibraltar Barbary macaques living on the Rock of Gibraltar, making it the only place in Europe where these monkeys can be seen in the wild. In our Silver Tour of Gibraltar, Gold Tour of Gibraltar, Diamond Tour of Gibraltar and Platinum Tour of Gibraltar packages, a visit to the Gibraltar Monkeys is almost a compulsory thing to do in Gibraltar even if you only have a few hours free as a cruise passenger, or visiting for a one day Gibraltar Tour only.

The Gibraltar Barbary macaques on the Rock of Gibraltar are famous for their unique behaviour and their close interactions with humans. They are social animals that live in large groups, and they can often be seen grooming each other or playing together. They are also known to be very intelligent and can learn complex tasks, such as using tools and solving puzzles.

To protect the Gibraltar Barbary macaques on the Rock of Gibraltar, the government has implemented strict laws and regulations. Feeding the Gibraltar monkeys is strictly prohibited, and visitors are required to keep a safe distance from them. Despite their popularity, there are a number of guidelines you should be aware of when interacting with these Gibraltar Barbary macaques on the Rock of Gibraltar. Check with Gibraltar Tours and our private tour guides for more information about these safety guidelines, we will be more than happy to give you some free advice about how to interact with the Gibraltar Monkeys.

In recent years, the Gibraltar Barbary macaques on the Rock of Gibraltar have become an important subject of research. Scientists have studied their behaviour, genetics, and diet to better understand this unique population. This research has helped to shed light on the evolution and ecology of macaques, and it has also provided valuable insights into the conservation of endangered species.

In conclusion, the Gibraltar Barbary macaques on the Rock of Gibraltar are a fascinating and iconic species that have become an important part of Gibraltar’s cultural heritage, and the most popular Gibraltar Attractions among the Shore excursions with Gibraltar tours for cruise passengers, and Things to do in Gibraltar in one day.

While they face a number of threats, such as human activity, development and tourism, the Gibraltar monkeys are often fed by tourists, which can lead to aggressive behaviour and health problems. They can also be hit by cars or attacked by domestic dogs. Efforts are being made to protect and conserve this unique population for future generations to enjoy.
Even if you only have a few hours or one day for a Gibraltar Tour around the Rock, you cannot leave without visiting the Gibraltar Barbary macaques, so be sure to book one of our Private or Semi-Private tours to Gibraltar’s favourite Gibraltar Attractions.

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