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Moorish Castle

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The Moorish Castle is one of the most iconic tourist Gibraltar Attractions located on the Rock of Gibraltar. It is a mediaeval fortress that dates back to the 8th century, and it has been an important strategic location for numerous conquerors throughout history.

The Moorish Castle was originally built by the Moors during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century. The fortress was later enlarged and reinforced by the Spanish during the 14th and 15th centuries, and it was used as a military barracks until the 20th century. Part of the Castle itself was used as the prison of Gibraltar until it was relocated to new premises in 2010.

Today, the Moorish Castle is a very popular Gibraltar attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. It offers a unique glimpse into the region’s rich history and culture, and it is an important landmark that symbolises the Rock of Gibraltar’s enduring past. With Gibraltar Tours, visitors to the Moorish Castle can explore the castle’s many features, including its towers, gates, and courtyards. The Moorish Castle Gibraltar attraction’s accessibility is adequate for most abilities, however the steep staircase to the tower with panoramic views, may be harder for some. For more information contact Gibraltar Tours and we will help you and advise what best suits your needs and likes.

The castle’s walls are made of a material which consists of a mixture of local limestone and red sand, joined with the bricks, creating a solid rock hard composition that has allowed the Castle to withstand the test of time, making it an impressive sight to see from afar.

One of the highlights of the Moorish Castle is its Tower of Homage, which stands over 100 metres tall and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. With Gibraltar private and semi-private tours, you can climb the tower’s steep staircase to the top, where you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the surrounding countryside.

You can visit this Gibraltar popular attraction in our Gold Tour of Gibraltar, Diamond Tour of Gibraltar and Platinum Tour of Gibraltar packages.

The Moorish Castle is a must-see Gibraltar attraction for anyone visiting the Rock and wanting a Gibraltar tour through its rich history and stunning views of the bay of Gibraltar, making it a fascinating and enjoyable destination that offers something for everyone. This Gibraltar Attraction is included in most shore excursions for cruise passengers in Gibraltar.
Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply taking in the breathtaking views, the Moorish Castle is sure to impress when joining the Gibraltar Tours.

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