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Pillars of Hercules

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The Pillars of Hercules in Gibraltar is a historical and geographical term used to refer to the Strait of Gibraltar. According to Greek Mythology, these Pillars were created when Hercules, in one of his twelve assigned labours, broke the mountain that connected Africa to Europe, defining the western Limits of navigation into the inhabited world. One of the Pillars is known as being the Rock of Gibraltar, also called the Mount Calpe in ancient times, and the other Pillar is said to be in the North African Coast, also known as the Mount Abile.

The Pillars of Hercules have been an important landmark throughout history. The myth of Hercules and the pillars have been a source of inspiration for many writers and artists throughout history. The Pillars have been depicted in various forms of art, literature, and mythology, and they symbolise the limits of human exploration and the boundaries of the known world. The Pillars of Hercules in Gibraltar is one of the most popular things to do in Gibraltar when visiting the Rock of Gibraltar or doing a Gibraltar tour in one day.

Gibraltar Tours will take you away from the business of the city of Gibraltar, whether it be on a Private Tour or Group Excursions, the Pillars of Hercules is a Gibraltar attraction you must not miss. The Pillar of Hercules is a very accessible Gibraltar attraction. It is included in most shore excursions for cruise passengers in Gibraltar. This will be the first stop on the way up to Gibraltar’s Upper Rock unique Nature Reserve, where you will enjoy the magnificent views overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mountains of the North African Coast.

The Pillars of Hercules tourist attraction in Gibraltar, is one of the best view points to embrace with your own eyes how the greatness of the Atlantic Ocean meets the calmness of the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar Tours will provide you with the best experience in your adventure exploring the Rock of Gibraltar. You can visit this Gibraltar popular attraction in our Gibraltar Tour packages such as, the Silver Tour of Gibraltar, Gold Tour of Gibraltar, Diamond Tour of Gibraltar and Platinum Tour of Gibraltar packages.

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