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Windsor Suspension Bridge

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Windsor Suspension Bridge in Gibraltar is a must-visit tourist Gibraltar attraction that must be on your list of things to do in Gibraltar in one day or more. It is one of the most popular tourist spots on the Rock, thanks to its spectacular views and adrenaline experience.
This Suspension Bridge is located over a 50 metre deep gorge, connecting two batteries along the Royal Anglian Way; one of the many trails hikers and explorers can enjoy within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve of Gibraltar.

The Windsor Suspension Bridge was officially opened on the 21st June 2016, inaugurated by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo. The bridge is an engineering marvel, developed by a Gibraltar based contractor Bovis Koala who teamed up with Muntanya, a Spanish contractor known as being specialised in suspension bridges across the Pyrenees. The main pieces of this majestic puzzle were assembled off site in Spain and then brought into Gibraltar across the famous runway frontier.

With one of the many Gibraltar Tour options, visitors can walk across a distance of 71 metres of breathtaking views of the surrounding area with stunning views of, the Mediterranean Sea, the Straits of Gibraltar, and the North African coastline. Gibraltar Tours visitors can take in the view of the bay and the town of Gibraltar from above, making it an excellent spot for taking photographs. The bridge’s height also offers visitors a unique perspective on the landscape, allowing them to appreciate the scale and grandeur of the Rock of Gibraltar.

The Windsor bridge can be accessed via a steep, winding path that leads to this thrilling Gibraltar Attraction found in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Probably not the easiest for people with physical limitations, knee problems and others. This popular Gibraltar attraction is only included in the Diamond Tour of Gibraltar package. If you would like to book the Diamond Package but need more information and details on difficulty and accessibility, please contact us at Gibraltar Tours, we will be happy to assist you in anything you may need and make any adjustments necessary.

Crossing the Gibraltar Windsor Suspension Bridge is a thrilling experience (though might not be the case for the faint hearted) The bridge sways and wobbles as people walk across it, making it feel like an adventure in itself. This feeling of excitement is enhanced by the stunning views of the surrounding area, making the Windsor Suspension Bridge a must thing to do when visiting Gibraltar’s Attractions.

The bridge is open to visitors all year round, and there is no admission fee to cross it. Visitors can access the bridge from the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, which is also home to several other Popular Paces to visit, including St. Michael’s Cave, the Great Siege Tunnels and various others.

The Gibraltar Windsor Suspension Bridge is an iconic Gibraltar attraction that offers a thrilling experience to Gibraltar tour cruise passengers and all visitors of the world. With its spectacular views, rich history, and unique location, it’s no wonder that the Suspension Bridge is one of Gibraltar’s top tourist attractions.

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