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World War 2 Tunnels

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The World War 2 tunnels in Gibraltar are a fascinating and historically significant tourist Gibraltar attraction that offers a unique insight into the island’s wartime past. Built during World War II, these tunnels were an integral part of Gibraltar’s defences and played a crucial role in protecting the Rock of Gibraltar from enemy attacks.

The tunnels were constructed over a period of 200 years by the British Army, designed to provide shelter and protection for soldiers and civilians in the event of an attack, and they were built to withstand even the most severe bombing. During the 20th Century the WWII Tunnels were greatly expanded and improved turning it into an underground fortress with the ability to accommodate 16,000 men as well as food supplies to last up to 1 year and a half.

This underground marvellous Gibraltar Attraction was also prepared with a telephone communication station, a power generating station, a water distillation plant, a hospital, a Bakery, along with a whole ammunition storage and a war vehicle, maintenance workshop. The extension of these excavations amount up to approximately 34 miles (55 km) of tunnels.

Gibraltar Rock Tours, will take visitors to the World War 2 tunnels so this amazing network of underground passages. The tunnels are divided into several sections, each with its own unique features and attractions, where visitors can see original wartime artefacts, including weapons, uniforms, and equipment, as well as reconstructions of the tunnels as they would have looked during the war.

You can visit this Gibraltar Attraction in our Gold Tour of Gibraltar, Diamond Tour of Gibraltar and Platinum Tour of Gibraltar packages.

Within this Gibraltar Attraction, there is a display of the GIbraltar’s Military History, which features a range of exhibits and displays related to Gibraltar’s wartime past. With the guidance of Gibraltar Tours, you can see original photographs, documents, and artefacts, as well as get a glimpse of what the living quarters used by soldiers during the siege looked like. Learning about the Rock of Gibraltar’s role in World War II and its importance as a strategic military base, is a very interesting thing to do in one day visit to the Rock of Gibraltar’s many attractions.

The World War 2 tunnels also offer stunning views of the surrounding area. Visitors can climb to the top of the Rock and enjoy panoramic views of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. The tunnels are located within walking distance of other popular tourist destinations, including the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, The City Under Siege Exhibition, The Moorish Castle and St. Michael’s Cave.

The World War 2 tunnels are a must-see destination in most shore excursions for cruise passengers in Gibraltar, in private tours and semi-private tours, as it’s accessibility is suitable for all ages and abilities. A 30-40 minute walk of historical significance, educational value, and scenic location, make it a unique and memorable Gibraltar attraction not to be missed.

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